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Jake Olafsen

Arnold has been my agent for nearly two years now. I have found him to always do what he says he was going to do. He explicitly states on his website what services he provides, and he provides them well. I fail to see how anything here could be considered 'fishy'. I would recommend Arnold in a second. If anyone complains that he provides a wide array of services, I would suggest they get with the times and do the same. There is nothing wrong with a one-stop shop! Is it shady that you can get a carton of eggs and a tire for your car at the same store nowadays?

shannon t boodram

Hmmm I guess times change! When I did my search for best Toronto literary agents your name consistently came up, which is why I submitted.

But I do understand why people are apprehensive about two hats, it goes back to the saying Jack of All Trades, Master of None. A good comparison might be in the acting world, if you are a principle agent who also submits people for background work, then you must not be a good enough principle agent and are slammed in the community. I think a lot of people believe that you can only do one thing well and two things okay. But what people fail to take into account is what if those two things are essentially the same and knowing each well makes you stronger at the other! I think this is the case with you, working as a consultant/ agent has given you a more comprehensive understanding of a rapidly changing industry. I enjoy hearing about your various literary clients and projects; it offers a lot of perspective!

You should invite these websites to look into your practice more. They should be willing if they pride themselves on being accurate just like I know you pride yourself on being excellent at your job.

Pierre Truedough

Arnold is a piece of shit slime ball.

Oh, and a lying cocksucker, but I know he's aware of that.

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